Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Counting Your Blessings

This is such a funny saying..."count your blessings and cut your losses". Have we really sat and examined what this means? We are literally taking score of how many times God/The All Mighty/ The Universe blessed us with things we may have wanted or needed while trying to forget the things we expected. 

1st question- why place expectations on God/The Universe/ The All Mighty or on anyone for that matter? In my experience, having expectations eventually leads to disappointment. No man can live up to anyone's expectations for too long. He/she may try to fulfill them but they will eventually get tired of it or they can not do whatever it is as well as you may want. They may not even know what is expected of them. Communication is key with man and with the All Mighty. 

2nd question- Why keep track of Gods work? He will always do what's necessary. It is up to you to keep up the pace and follow.
Channelle De.