Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Take It Personally....

 In the professional world we are expected to carry ourselves in a certain light. The airs of the people in power's words fills our breath and gives life to a facade... One where the nature of not only the black man/woman is non-existent but the human race. The fundamentals of humanity is lost... The saying "Don't take it personal.. It's just business" says it all. It gives an excuse for selfish behaviors, greed and lack of compassion. They say that is the only way businesses and corporations can grow and profit can be made... Who really gains this profit? Who really benefits from this business approach? It's not the worker and it's not the man/woman who spends their hard earned money to this business but it's the people who have signed their names to the rights of this business.

 These things that are being sold to you can hurt in so many ways... They could cost 3x's more than it' s worth to create, it could be physically addictive, it could be made of indigestible products that sit in your colon for years and cause all types of cancer.. The list can go on...but don't take it personally. It's just business...HA! What a farce! How can you not take it personally when they don't let you know what's in your food and medications nor the side affects? Your life as well as the people who depend on you is in danger at the hands of another! How can you not take it personally when money is being taken out of your children's mouths and away from giving them a safe and sturdy place to live?

 They tell us that this is the nature of the beast we call the business world. The only way it won't affect you is if you don't partake in it. How do you not partake in something that a very large percentage of the world is a part of? Create our own system where all necessary parts are covered by people of like mind... People who see the value in fair treatment, love, compassion and moral. People who see the flaws of society and want to help sustain a life without degrading themselves or others with an excuse to strip themselves of care (cremation of care... Look it up) and humanity. The rules of business is man-made. We can change it!

Channelle De.