Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sister-2-Sister pt. 1

Taken from my cousins page...I will continue this series in a later post.

In a brief conversation, a man asked a woman:
"What type of man are you looking for?".

She remained quiet for a little while before looking into his eyes. Then she asked him,
"Do you really want to know"?

He responded "Yes !"

She began by saying: Being woman of this era, I am in a position to ask a man for that which I cannot do for myself because, I pay all my bills and I am in charge of my house without the aid of a man.

Therefore, I am also in a position to ask a man, "What contribution are you able to make in my life"?

The man looked at her and made reference to money! But she explained to him that she was not referring to money.

She said, "I need more than that, I need a man who fights for perfection in all aspects of life. "
The man sat back in his chair, crossed his arms and still looking at her, requested that she explain what she meant.

She said, "I look for a man who desires and works on his own mental perfection, because I need someone who I can talk with, who can stimulate my mind. I do not need someone who is simple minded.

She continued: I am looking for a man who seeks and pursues spiritual perfection, because I need someone with whom I can share my faith in God. By following God, financial security will come. I do not need a man who fights for financial perfection because I do not need a financial position.

I need someone sufficiently sensible who can understand what I go thru in this life as a woman. Someone who is strong enough to give me encouragement, someone who will never let me fall.

And finally, I am looking for a man whom I can respect. In order for me to be submissive, I must respect him. I cannot be submissive with a man who cannot fix his own problems. I "do not have a problem with being submissive, he simply has to deserve it. God made the woman to help the man. I cannot help a man who cannot be help himself".

When she finished, she looked at his eyes and he seemed very confused. He said "You are asking for too much". She answered without hesitation, "I am worth much".