Thursday, July 4, 2013

Unconditional Love

This type of love is hard to find. We have so many expectations, wants and needs for our significant others to fill. If they can't do it does that mean they are not worthy of unconditional love themselves? Who is to classify their worth? Are you worthy enough to do that job? Why do we place these demands on people who are generally good  (not all of the time)? We know they will fall it a defense mechanism? Is it to protect our hearts from heartache? Do we create our own heartache in return? How many issues arise in our lives when it comes to our relationships with others based off of this compounding problem? 

Why do we have such issues with self worth? How do we gain said worth or find it within ourselves? Is it hard to love others because we don't unconditionally love ourselves? Unfortunately, I have no Answers for these questions because I struggle with this myself. 

Channelle De.