Saturday, July 27, 2013

King Without a Crown pt. 3: Our leaders

Where and who is our leader? Right now it's the blind leading blind. Some may have had an idea, some may have the money, some had the right attitude...I have seen none who can do the job for our people today. We have a whole army of black people with no leader, no direction and no purpose. We don't know how to function as a team, as a  pack or clan. We live individual lives trying to be better than the next not knowing we can be greater together with one leader, God, with one mind, One goal. Right now our pack of lions, our kings, are lead by a Chihuahua,  all bark, no bite and with the worst A.D.D. no focus. Lets find our focus, set our goals and work together with respect and admiration for each others position. 100 black kings standing together  versus 100 of any other people, who would win? In what battles? Those of physical strength,  mental ability,  creativity, spirituality,  love and anything else...where are our weaknesses? Lets address them together.