Friday, July 5, 2013

Positivity breeds positivity

Living in this world, sometimes it gets hard to see the good in people. We are so blinded by the things that shine and by the crinkle sound money makes. We have to bless others with what we can even when our own blessings seem so dim and far away. The reality of life can hit you hard at any moment in time: while watching your favorite movie, after coming home from the best date in history, after getting that promotion you worked so hard for.

Don't always think that the only gesture of compassion and love is by digging into your pockets and giving money. Money at the end of the day will make not one person happy. Knowing that you are loved and cared for will. Knowing that a stranger will open their heart to you, can turn a suicidal person into a pro-life person. Spread kindness to all life you come across. That is people, animals, will come back in abundance to you.

Have you ever noticed the synchronicites in life? When things line up so beautifully that your own imagination could not have thought it up? That is the universe supplying back to you what you've given it or created and asked for. Think and actively live in a positive manner.

Remember, positivity breeds positivity.

Channelle De.