Monday, July 1, 2013

The Lion vs. The Hunter

~Until the lion has a historian, the hunter will always be the hero~

 My motivating force for creating this page of exploration, knowledge and answers, is my fellow black people. Everyday that I wake up, I feel the in-authenticity of this life we collectively live. Where is my community? Where are the foods that help us live long healthy lives instead of the foods that cause cancer? Where are my KINGS that provide, love, protect and make their women feel like a woman should? Where are my QUEENS that nurture their children and husbands, support their kings and bring joy to their household and to their neighbors household? Where is my village that raises our children with a common core belief? We as a people should have that stability and that foundation.

We have built most of our culture off of other's original concepts such as our clothing, our homes, what careers we choose to follow, how we style our hair and many other things. Even though it seems that we still have our own culture, think about who really controls it. We are so far down this rabbit hole which was dug for us and we dug it deeper unbeknownst to us...smh...What would have been our own creations if we were never infiltrated by the white man with their so-called "civilized" mannerisms?  Just because it was once taken from us does not mean we can't rebuild from the ashes a fortress that is unbreakable unshakable and not willing to succumb to the wants of any other man: European, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, middle eastern etc. We have a power in us and a foreboding presence that God himself put in us that we have forgotten how to use in his name. Let us find that voice once again and build our Kingdom from the ground up, as a community with one mind, one goal, one soul...Black Consciousness at its highest potential that man can fathom and that God can make greater.

Channelle De.