Sunday, July 14, 2013

King Without a Crown Pt. 1: My Answers

Reminder--These are my beliefs from what I've witnessed and from what knowledge I have gained. I don't speak of things that are not true. Remember as well this blog is meant for my brothers and sisters to come into truth, NOT to advocate racist beliefs and hate. Its about LOVING our people and coming into who we are suppose to be, NOT who we were "made" into by the hands of another. I admit I don't know everything but what I Do know as FACT, I will share.....

1. Are we individual fingers or are we One hand?

    Within our black society their are many individual fingers. Some may argue that there are those who work as a hand, which by definition can be true. What good would multiple baby's hands do in the garden of knowledge/ growth/ family/ spirituality etc? Not much but cry bloody murder when they don't get their way, Throw tantrums when their favorite toy is taken away for misbehavior and break things that belong to others or maybe even themselves.

2. What is the benefit of being a hand over being a finger and vice-versa?

    The benefit of being a hand is that as a people we can think and function in unison, educate in unison, help each other for each other and be able to ball up a fist to show our strength in numbers and fight if need be.Everyone has their place and task but we work together as one. With this comes security, stability, family, support, LOVE. I personally don't see any down-sides to unity, especially when our people have not experienced that in...lord knows how many hundreds/ thousands of years.
    The benefits of being individual fingers....I don't see any...there will always be competition with the individual mindset. With that comes envy, jealousy, hatred, FEAR.

3. What is the psychological state of a King without a crown? ...Can my Kings identify?

    Lost and confused. Feelings of having no identity. Feelings of being inadequate. Feeling like a failure. No longer knowing what your purpose is here on this earth. Loss of ambition. Angry. Feeling like the everyone is against you.

4. My Queens, ever thought of the reasons behind the recent fad of other races adopting our children and          raising them as their own?

    I'll save my response to this question till a later date....

5. How would growing up believing that the crown rightfully belongs to another but feeling the royal blood flow through you affect your life and the others you interact with?

         If I grew up, Which i did, feeling like I am/we are greater than the life I live, I'd be pissed! Just like in Ishmael, I ask myself why why why why? Why to EVERYTHING!! I realize that many people are so brainwashed by what we are told by untrustworthy people and what we are taught in schools that lie (everyone that has an education knows this for a fact.We were all taught that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover America then later told that we've been lied to for many years).

6. What would it take for a King to give up the fight and willingly forget his true place?

      It would take a bunch of individual fingers instead of a full hand with fist. A King without his peoples support is easily overthrown. A community of people that are being invaded and only think of themselves, try to protect only their material belongings such as their house, cars, cloths, jewelry etc...these people lose sight of what is important. A family can not be replaced. A people who bow down to someone other than their Lord and Savior will essentially lose everything: their mind, their riches (literally and metaphorically speaking), their women and children, their status, their legacy...Everything will be erased and filled with lies and half truths of their conquerors.
     We live the white mans truths everyday. We are programmed to behave and think a certain way through radio PROGRAMMING, television or TEL-LIE-VISION PROGRAMMING, through music and movies and newspapers/ magazines. The easiest way to control a people is to control what they value most. Before we were infiltrated and reprogrammed, we valued our Creator more than anything. That is exactly the first and most important thing that has been taken away and  revised and controlled by the white man. He took our Lord from us, replaced his face with a blond blue-eyed white man, changed his sons name to Jesus because they claimed the names were too powerful for us to know. When the Holy Bible was translated into the many languages, books and chapters were omitted and hidden away to  keep the truth from us. If they did that, don't you think they could have possibly changed the little information that they did give to us? When has the white man ever been trusted? Even some white people don't trust their own.
    It is NOT all the white mans fault. We must take responsibility for not being true to ourselves and forsaking our Creator. We gave up on him. Now we are paying for it. We MUST find the truth in the Lord Power and come together as a people so our spirits can once again rejoice and our minds can be free from this bondage. I don't want to wake up another day living the life of a white person but as a Black Queen. I am more than what I can portray. I need my Kings to support, provide and protect. Most importantly, I need my Kings Remember who we are and to regain their throwns. I need my Queens to support our Kings in return and stop putting them down. We black women put more pressure on our Kings more than the white man. When did we take the job of the white man into our own hands? This is a topic for another post..

The truth is out there. Let us find it and educate ourselves and come together.