Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Gift of Life and The Gift of Death

In memory of James 'PAPA' Hazelton

Whenever we have a loved one that has passed on we always say Rest in Peace. If you really think about it, we are not leaving to rest. We are leaving to live. Live life as the ultimate light being. Here on earth we are so limited. We are limited by our physical actions, our mental thoughts and most of all, we are limited by time. We live such a short human existence. Before we were born we lived in the spirit world, for lord knows how long, then we come here in this realm to live for lest than 100 years for most of us, just to return back to our spirit world.

The way I'm beginning to view it is that this human life we live is only but a dream to our spirit because it is so quick, just like in our dreams here on earth. Things have got to be the relative opposite. 100 years here could translate to 10 minutes in spirit. So are we really "resting" in peace in heaven or finally getting the chance to LIVE in peace?

I choose to believe we get to really live it up in heaven. We get to party Holy-Style with the Lord our Creator. We will feast as Kings and Queens at His table. Nothing shall be more sweet.

See you when I wake up PaPa. Much love.

RIP aka LIP(Live in Peace) James "PaPa'' Hazelton


Is it weird that Live in Peace spells lip? Just another way to connect the fact that we speak our reality into existence.