Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pieces of me

I can admit that pieces of me have been given away to people who haven't earned it. Once again, self-worth comes into the picture. I've given my heart, had it crushed. I've given my time, had it wasted (sorta...I always learn a valuable life nugget, even if I don't apply it and have to learn the same lesson 6x's in life...sigh..smh). I've given my knowledge, had it wasted on stubborn minds and ignorant characters. All of these pieces were given away knowing that I can't and will never ask for them back. Do I ever really miss these pieces when they are gone?...maybe for a week tops but not really because at least I can say that I tried to make a difference some how. 

A part of that no person can really ask to be given back is spirit. So you ask, "When do you give your spirit away? How much of it is gone? How much at a time is given away?" 

There are many ways to give spirit away but I will only speak about one specific avenue: sex. Sex is way more than physical pleasure and procreation. I know of 3 instances where spirit is given but only one of the three can spirit be given in both directions resulting in a magnification of spirit energy. 

1. The random: this is a sexual experience where the person is practically a stranger. In case you didn't know, there are different levels of being a stranger. 

a. You could have literally just met and exchanged phone numbers and a first name(or your alias club name..however you role is up to you).
b. You could have been talking to this person for a few weeks through phone calls, texts, video messaging or what have you. There may be a mental connection established but do not ever over look the power of physical chemistry. Having the right energy is very important. Also build your spiritual connection.
c. You could be acquaintances with a person for years but still not know even their favorite color or their moms first name

These are STRANGERS!!! 

Have intimate relations with any one of these people and at the end (especially if the sex was unfulfilling) you would question your behavior, if it was the right thing to do, if this person had any STD/STI's. You will feel empty and drained. You've given away not just your body but a piece of your spirit. The amount of it given, only you can sum that up. But do know, it will not be replaced by having more intimate moments with the same stranger or any other one.

2. Cuddy-buddy: this is the friends with benefits. 

You may have known this person for a while and have a certain amount of trust for this person. Obviously not the amount of trust to give them your heart or you would have been in a relationship with them. This is a very deceiving relationship.  A person in some shape or form has to overlook flaws that their cuddy-buddy has to enjoy themselves physically. And yes it has to be very enjoyable sex or else this person would not be your "go to" person when your body is calling out for certain affections. It's deceiving because you build up a lot of the sexual energy between the two of you and it feels as if your not losing spirit energy but you are. If not before you engage in activity, it could be during (for a short period of time) or sometime after, you will think of why you do not have a significant other in your life. You wish for the moments where you don't have to run to a cuddy-buddy or a random to fulfill your physical/emotional/and spiritual needs. Yes spiritual needs are a part of sex. How? Person 3 will explain...

3. The Trinity

Ever wondered why we use the term "soul mate" ? This person you have allowed to reach you on all three levels: physically (lover) emotionally (best friend) and spiritually (soul mate).  In general terms, a mate is a partner to procreate with, have fun with..just be yourself with. When you add soul or spirit that creates the holy trinity in reality of a relative world. When you have relations with your soul mate, not only are you building up the physical energy but the spiritual as well. Its called love making. You are making that spirit energy. Yes energy is neither created nor destroyed but it is magnified. After making love the room may feel different, your heart feels heavy with love, your mind is drunk with it. Your energy is added to your partners and when both of your hearts open, it multiplies together (heart chakra activate!...that was for all of my Captain Planet fans lol). This is the only time you don't lose energy but gain. This is why it's so important to find the right person.

You don't need to find a person who completes you. You should already be at your level 100%. If your at 75% and the other at 60% you will feel like the relationship itself is draining and it is. They will be vampires of your energy and will not let you go until some other fool with more than your 75% is tricked into giving themselves away. You don't want your relationship to be a recycling plant and your only trying to reuse the same old energy that can not sustain you. Be 100% before you get into a relationship. Find another at 100% and multiply! Grow exponentially and you will set the example for others and make a difference.

Channelle De.